Christmas With Al’s Pals

Christmas With Al's Pals 2020

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and it is so important to spend quality time with family and friends, even if Christmas 2020 was not we had hoped for.

Alan loved Christmas and enjoyed nothing more than watching his grandchildren open presents and then staying for a Turkey dinner and most probably falling asleep after. He would often spend time playing games and making jokes and making everyone laugh. It is his amazing sense of humour that we all miss dearly.

We wanted to spread some of this Christmas joy to cancer patients who are currently going through cancer and receiving treatment in Milton Keynes University Hospital.

How you helped

Christmas 2020 saw us promote our Amazon Christmas wish list. Allowing members of the public to purchase a gift for the cancer patients in Milton Keynes University Hospital. These were then handed out to over 100 patients receiving treatment the week of Xmas and this can really brighten someone’s day. We are also very grateful to MK Community Foundation who awarded us with a grant which enabled us to then purchase even more.

Do keep a look out for 2021 where we are hoping to have a repeat of this gift giving over Christmas. 

Other ways to support us over Christmas

Another fantastic way you can support us for Christmas 2021 is by telling your family and friends that you will not be giving cards this Christmas and will instead be donating some or part of those monies to Al’s Pals. You could ask friends and family to do the same? Instead of cards or gift money they can make a donation.

ALL monies that come into the charity will be spent on cancer patients currently receiving treatment in Milton Keynes University Hospital.

All you have to do is spread the word on Social media (@alspalsmk) and share our Local Giving link

As always you will receive a special thank you from us directly, as we really do appreciate every penny that comes into the charity as it means so much to us and most importantly it means so much to the patients of MK. 

Smile with Amazon 🙂  

If you have lots of gifts to purchase this year, or if you just purchase items from Amazon regularly, then another way of donating is by purchasing through Amazon Smile. Instead of just Amazon, purchase as normal but click on Al’s Pals and we then receive a donation from Amazon for your purchase 🙂


Thank you so much for your continued support, and have a Happy New Year.


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